N54 Steering Wheel Controls

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  • "It's not plausible to have menu 12 higher than menu 10." (source)
  • Settings for 10 and 11 do not "...have any effect on full throttle except menu 12 and only if [it's] set too high." (source)
  • "Menu 10 is the position the wastegate returns too when making less than 1.5psi of boost.

    Menu 11 is the gas pedal sensitivity start point. A setting of 0 runs zero boost up to 45% gas pedal input while a setting of 5000rpm runs zero boost up to 5% gas pedal input. 100% gas pedal input is always full target.

    Menu 12 is the minimum wastegate duty cycle. PWM will not drop below this value regardless of where boost is in relation to target." (source)


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